Flux Polymers raises seed funding to keep plastic surfaces bacteria free

After bootstrapping for almost 3 years Flux Polymers has now exciting funding news to share! We are the latest recipient of investment from the family office Förster & Franke consulted investors. This investment will accelerate our go-to-market strategy and help move us forward into the European market.
We believe that - now more than ever - simple solutions for better hygiene are in high demand. Our easy process makes plastic surfaces antibacterial in a few minutes.
We produce a hydrophilic polymer that can be spray or dip coated onto plastic surfaces and permanently linked by UV-light.
The patented coating prevents the attachment and growth of bacteria. The antibacterial effect of the coating is purely based on a physical effect, so that no toxic substances are released that could cause resistance in bacteria. The process is fast, cost efficient and not detrimental to the coated material.
With the approval of our patent in the EU last year and the backup of the Health Incubator Helsinki since April we are ready to step up our game.

Contact: info@flux-polymers.com


Quelle: Pressemitteilung Flux Polymers GmbH

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